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For many years, visits to the barber shop were on the decline. The prevalence of hair salons and the convenience of disposable razors kept an entire generation from walking through a barber shop door. What was once a weekly, or even a daily habit became no more. Recently, this trend has reversed, and more and more men are discovering the pros of visiting a traditional barber shop. There is a certain level of luxury provided in the old-fashioned barber shop setting that is hard to recreate in a salon and one of the services that men are raving about is the hot shave.
What Makes a Great Shave?
Barber shops offer more than just haircuts. Besides the homey feel, luscious smells and comfort that a traditional barber shop offers, there is no place better to get a great shave. Shaving at home may be convenient but one misstep can lead to bumps, rashes and cuts. The traditional hot shave is better for your skin and far more relaxing than dragging a flimsy blade through foam!
One of the keys to a great shave is moisture. When you indulge in a hot shave, the combination of warmth and moisture opens your hair follicles and softens your whiskers allowing the blade to glide smoothly along your skin, rather than dragging across it. This helps you to avoid painful razor burn. The warmth of hot towels is not only good for your skin, it’s also a stress-reliever and the entire process leaves many men completely relaxed. Barber shops utilize skin cleansing and moisturizing products that enhance your skin. A real barber shop shave leaves you looking and feeling like a whole new man.
Finding the Perfect Barber Shop
Therapeutic hot shaves are offered in salons and spas, but nothing beats a shave from a traditional barber shop. The Old Fashioned Barber Shop in Jupiter offers a full menu of services for men across Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast of Florida. From facial hot shaves to therapeutic shampoos to beard trimming, there are plenty of ways to unwind and look your best.
Unlike sterile unisex salons, the Old Fashioned Barber Shop offers man-sized chairs, traditional barber shop services and amazing customer service. When you come in for a hot shave, you’ll be treated to an amazing escape and plenty of therapeutic add-on options. The Old Fashioned Barber Shop utilizes products by The Art of Shaving, the nation’s premier shaving brand. Contact us today to experience the perfect hot shave.

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