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YouTube Preview ImageTraditional barber shop services offered in the middle of the bustling Florida – indulge in the best classic hair styling technique with “The Old Fashioned Barbershop”

The Old Fashioned Barbershop styling technique includes carefully analyzing the shape of your face, features, and personality to create a customized flattering haircut for you. The goal is to offer traditional barbershop services for men that combine modern grooming techniques with the classic barbershop elements. However, the owners of The Old Fashioned Barbershop would like to emphasize that the success of hair design and change in looks fully depends on the hair’s health, manageability, and body. It actually means having a hair you can control yourself. The barber shop will show you what hair control means.

Discount coupons and relaxing environment

The Old Fashioned Barbershop is giving away group discount coupons for a certain number of persons coming in to have a haircut. This is great for families, relatives, friends, and kids. Inquire for the packages they offer at the reception counter. You gain access to professionally designed group discount coupons and a small space where you are able to chat and share stories with your friends while we cut your hair for you. A coffee table is available in the lounge or waiting area with comfortable contemporary modern lounge chairs adorned with different men’s hair styling and fitness magazines. What a good way to relax, chat, and have a haircut!

Be home with The Old Fashioned Barbershop

Swoop in, sit, throw your leg over our lounge chair, and connect with others. Whatever works best for you at the moment, swoop in or read our fashion magazines, we care for your comfort in our barbershop haven. You will never notice the time and never get bored. Our trained barbers will let you walk away satisfied with increasing self-confidence. We effortlessly make you look your best, with much experience and skill, by enhancing the most appealing face features you may have.

Most people stopped going to the barbershop for men and seek the services of unisex salons instead. Unisex salons usually cater to women seeking fashion and lack the manliness of the place that men really yearn to experience while having their haircuts. Men do love to socialize in male hangouts specifically barber shops for a weekly shave and a customized haircut. We maintain a classy shop that encloses you in a stunning artistically flourish environment great to fraternize with friends. Come inside and be enveloped with our shop’s warm welcoming homely aroma. As soon as one of our barbers hit your face with our cool lather, you can go take a good nap or just simply relax and melt away.

Barbershops versus classy unisex hair salons

If you are wondering why you should go to a barber shop for men instead of a unisex salon, the answer is very obvious – skill and training of the barbers! Most people working at unisex salons were focused on women and less trained as barbers. In short, they are what we definitely can call as a cosmetologist. Don’t ever walk away with a bad haircut and bad feeling. Seek the services of a trained barber who is trained to cut with clippers and not more on perming, styling, and coloring women’s hair. Let The Old Fashioned Barbershop cut your hair using the clippers with manly finesse.

A brief view of the history of The Old Fashioned Barbershop

The spouses Scott and Ellen Lillian first established The Old Fashioned Barbershop inNew York. Ellen Lillian has over 30 years experience in running a barbershop. When she decided to  move to Florida and pursue her other business as a real estate agent of the Jupiter luxury homes for sale, she brought The Old Fashioned Barbershop to the Broward County, Jupiter, Florida where she now resides with her husband Scott and 4 children Jordan,  Jennie, Matthew, and Taylor. The Old Fashioned Barbershop has distinctive touches like the Red, White and Blue barber pole, and plush, oversized leather barber chairs that create an environment exclusively for men. The idea was  to re-establish the traditional barbershop where men talk with other men and not listen to female salon staffs talking about women stuff with other men. You hardly talk to women in salons but you can talk sports and other manly stuff with our barbershop. Men are still following traditions in this modern world. We understand that you need to bond together and need to feel manlier in a manly place such as the barbershop – just distinctive traditional haircuts and some good men talk!

We do have a guide for hairstyles. We used different blades and clippers to give you a traditional style. We follow and enhance your facial features and personality. We keep the natural arch and the outline of the arch or sideburn area from the ears with the proper blending. We assure you it won’t look awkward when it grows again. You do not need to call for an appointment when you need to have a haircut. Our address is:

Sierra Square Plaza

9270 W. Indiantown Road Jupiter, Florida 33478

Are you in a hurry? Need a hair cut fast? Call us 561-747-8185. See you in our lounge area.

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